The Future is Brighter with Winstar

Auto Dealership
Winstar uses innovative concepts to design and deliver energy efficient lighting solutions to automotive dealerships across the country. Our lighting systems will not only add a welcoming touch to auto showrooms and lots, they’ll noticeably reduce energy and maintenance costs.
Winstar is a leading provider of high-performance lighting solutions for parking lots and parking garages for commercial, industrial, and municipal clients. Our new construction and retrofit designs will measurably reduce energy and maintenance costs while delivering substantial carbon emissions savings.
Gas Station
Winstar understands the competitive nature of the gas station business. We have helped numerous fuel stations and convenience stores achieve a competitive edge with attractive, energy efficient lighting that reduces lighting energy costs and maintenance requirements. Our solutions make it easy for these small businesses to save and become more profitable.
Winstar has created advanced lighting solutions for government agencies and local municipalities to achieve energy savings in commercial buildings and on bridges, roadways, tunnels, airports, seaports, and other public spaces. We use military-grade products and the highest quality standards combined with turnkey services to provide a seamless process and measurable results.
Office Division
Winstar knows how integral lighting designs are to the efficiency of commercial spaces. We produce custom lighting designs that provide precision color rendering and illumination to ensure maximum productivity of the building’s occupants. Our lighting systems ensure not only greater overall profitability, but obvious energy savings as well.
Winstar has worked with numerous hospitality clients to develop stunning lighting designs that meet the expectations of today’s discerning traveler. From the way an entrance welcomes guests to the feeling they get when they walk into their hotel rooms, we ensure the entire experience conveys the perfect culture to guests and clear energy savings to business owners.

A Brighter America Initiative

Winstar is on a mission to give American businesses brighter futures. By retrofitting lighting systems with advanced, energy-saving technologies, we make it easy to save money and become more profitable.

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